Norway’s Maritime Cleantech welcomes new collaborators

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Offshore wind operator Edda Wind is among the new companies to join the initiative. Source: Krib/Creative Commons

Maritime CleanTech, a proponent of green initiatives in the maritime sector has announced it will be collaborating with several key companies. 

Ada Jakobsen, CEO of Maritime CleanTech, expressed enthusiasm about the expanded network, underscoring the profound significance of each member’s contributions to the collective endeavor. “Together, we are not merely navigating the seas; rather, we are diligently charting a course toward a sustainable and environmentally friendly future for the entire maritime industry,” asserts Jakobsen. 

The group of companies which the includes Havila Kystruten, Edda Wind, Kongsberg Maritime, Green H, and WindSteel Technologies, aim to collaborate in the pursuit of advancing environmentally conscious solutions within the maritime sector. 

Each member brings distinct expertise to the table, collectively addressing the fields of zero-emission shipping, offshore wind operations, advanced maritime technology, hydrogen infrastructure, and high-tech production for offshore wind. 

The Norwegian shipowner Havila Kystruten operates a significant portion of the Norwegian Coastal Express with four vessels equipped with substantial battery packs for emission-free sailing up to four hours. The company is developing a hydrogen-based energy system which has already been granted preliminary approval by DNV. CEO Bent Martini sees the Bergen-Kirkenes route, which the company operates as a catalyst for developing zero-emission shipping along the Norwegian coast. 

Edda Wind, a shipping company specialising in offshore wind operations, is committed to sustainable practices with zero-emission compatible fleet. Through the EU-funded Ship-aH2oy project, Edda Wind collaborates with 16 European partners to develop a hydrogen-based solution for ships, introducing high-temperature solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) and liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC) for marine use. 

Kongsberg Maritime, a major Norwegian tech company, contributes cutting-edge expertise in dynamic positioning, automation, satellite navigation, and monitoring systems. As part of the Kongsberg Group, including Kongsberg Digital and Kongsberg Discovery, the company enhances Maritime CleanTech with its comprehensive technological prowess. 

The renewables company Green H dedicated to developing infrastructure solutions for the production and distribution of green hydrogen. By establishing a network of hydrogen production plants near end-users, the company aims to reduce both transport costs and emissions and assist greener operations in various maritime segments. 

WindSteel Technologies, a collaboration between Odfjell Oceanwind and Prodtex, pioneers high-tech production technology for shipyards. Focused on the complete value chain for offshore floating wind, the company integrates with maritime operations and contributes to the installation of floating wind turbines. 

The group of companies, with Maritime CleanTech at the helm, are likely to provide a significant boost to the research in eco-friendly shipping. 

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