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William Froude was an English engineer, hydrodynamicist and naval architect. He was the first person to formulate reliable laws for the resistance that water offers to ships (such as the hull speed equation) and for predicting their stability.

The William Froude Scholarship is awarded to Associate Members who have been offered a postgraduate place at a UK university to carry out research into hydrodynamics or other problems related to maritime technology.

Scholarship details

  • William Froude Scholarships will be awarded based on academic excellence shown during first degree studies and will consider the academic challenge and work of the research subject.
  • The recipient will be awarded £700 per annum, tenable for two years. (This may be extended to three years if the research merits such extension).
Williaam Froude Award

Conditions of the award

The holder is required to submit a report on the work done during the first year. Such report should be in the form of a precis of the work completed and results obtained. The report should also be accompanied by a letter by the Head of Department stating that satisfactory progress has been achieved during the year. Subject to these reports, the Scholarship will be continued for the second year.

The holder is also required to submit a report on the satisfactory completion of the research. This report should be in the form of a paper which will be considered for publication in the Institution’s Transactions.

The holder is not permitted to accept payment from a company in respect of work done in connection with the research for which the scholarship was awarded.

Candidates may be required to attend an interview in London when they will be required to present the subject of their research.

How to apply

  • Applications must be supported by the Head of Department of the university or college from which the candidate graduated.
  • Applications must also be accompanied by evidence of the offer of a post-graduate place.
  • Exceptionally, applications may be accepted from candidates who have already taken up their place.
  • The review process and award will take place during the first week of September. The deadline for applications is 31st August.


Please describe briefly the research / advanced study in which you intend to engage and submit evidence that you have been provisionally accepted by the research / educational establishment involved.
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