Wave goodbye to grey water tanks?

by | 3rd July 2023 | Ship & Boat International - News, Equipment

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The Wavebrite Smart aims to help small boatowners to meet the EU Waste Water Standard

The Wavebrite Smart aims to help small boatowners to meet the EU Waste Water Standard

Wave International plans to formally launch its Wavebrite Smart grey water filtration system at this year’s Seawork exhibition, to be hosted in Southampton, UK in June. Featuring dimensions of 360mm x 670mm x 337mm, and weighing 30kg, the unit was primarily developed for smaller boat newbuilds and retrofits with the aim of removing the need for a permanent onboard grey water tank.

The Wavebrite Smart is designed to remove all contaminants from grey water – including plastics, toxins, phosphates, grease, oil and microbeads – to ensure that all water discharged from the boat meets the EU Waste Water Standard.

The unit comes with a remote multifunction display screen, developed jointly by Wave and Simarine, which can be set up at any location on board. The display shows info such as: the flow rate; the daily and total volumes of filtered grey water; and the condition and status of the system’s filters. It can also display data related to the flow rate and accumulative volume of grey water filtered over the lifetime of the main module.

Wave says: “The input of grey water is controlled by a level switch located in the waste water sump, which comes supplied with the unit.” The company estimates that the Wavebrite Smart can process some 20,000litres of grey water before the main filter needs to be changed. At that point, the system will send a warning alert to the crew via the display panel. “A QR code enables users to easily access all the unit’s spare part needs and filter replacement information,” Wave adds

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