Technical assurance concept offers tailored naval solutions

by | 3rd December 2021 | Warship Technology - News, Rules & Regulations

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Christian von Oldershausen - Technical assurance concept offers tailored naval solutions

Classification society DNV has unveiled a new Naval Technical Assurance certification concept as an alternative approach to the classification assurance process.


The new concept is set down in the DNV-SE-0555 Naval technical assurance service document.


The regulation of naval and, occasionally government vessels is significantly different from merchant vessels and requires more diversified and broader assurance processes. Combining DNV’s competence in naval surface, subsurface and governmental vessels, Naval Technical Assurance is an overarching service for naval vessels, enabling DNV to adjust the assurance scope to provide customers a service tailored to their requirements.


Under the umbrella of Naval Technical Assurance, DNV will offer verification according to a range of different standards, that can be flexibly combined with DNV’s classification portfolio.


These standards include: national legislation prescribing clear safety objectives and/or a regulatory system; detailed navy proprietary regulatory systems, in some cases combining this with a clear safety objective; regulatory systems mainly relying on classification society services; and regulatory systems applying NATO’s ANEP-77 Naval Ship Code as the main means of material safety and seaworthiness control. This results in a customised service from the first concept of a new vessel, through design, newbuilding, operation, and end-of-life.


“Naval Technical Assurance enables us to address customer requests in a flexible way and handle their assurance needs in a tailored manner,” said Christian von Oldershausen, DNV Maritime Segment Director for Navy.


“With Naval Technical Assurance’s structured processes, we can compile different services and support facilities to address the needs of our customers and now have a second path for verification services alongside our classification services.”


The relevant assurance scope is defined by establishing a standards plan, consisting of all design elements, components and systems and the respective standard(s) to be verified against. The ‘Certification Matrix’ is a complementary document that defines the body that will certify each part, component, or system, according to the standards plan.


“Together with DNV’s Naval rule set as the entry point, Naval Technical Assurance provides the flexibility to engage with existing and future technical assurance seaworthiness and safety frameworks,” said DNV.

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