BAE Systems showcases adaptable strike frigate concept

by | 11th January 2023 | Warship Technology - News, Naval & Patrol

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BAE Systems showcases adaptable strike frigate concept

BAE Systems showcases adaptable strike frigate concept

BAE Systems Naval Ships has provided Warship Technology with an insight into concept development activity intended to establish the key characteristics and attributes required for a future highly configurable, multi-mission warship optimised for littoral strike and lethality.

Known as the Adaptable Strike Frigate, the concept has been evolved to deliver a flexible ‘system of systems’ capability underpinned by modularity and the integration and exploitation of uncrewed assets.

Working with a team of industry partners, BAE Systems has looked to align its concept exploration to the Royal Navy’s evolving requirement for the Type 32 general-purpose frigate.

Showcased for the first time at the Euronaval 2022 exhibition in Paris last October, the Adaptable Strike Frigate project has allowed BAE Systems to mobilise engineering and technical resource ahead of the start of any procurement competition. It has also provided the company with a basis for engagement with potential industry partners and prospective export customers.

The Royal Navy’s planned acquisition of a class of up five Type 32 frigates, intended to enter service in the early 2030s, was one of a number of key investments announced in the March 2021 Defence Command Paper Defence in a competitive age. The Type 32 was identified as a new class designed to protect territorial waters, provide persistent forward presence, and support new Littoral Response Groups.

Informed by the Royal Navy’s top-level intent on Type 32, BAE Systems Naval Ships has over the past 18 months worked to mature the Adaptable Strike Frigate concept. To help define the art of the possible, the company has sought to capitalise on the insight and expertise of specialist industry partners so as to foster innovation and iterate concepts ahead of any formal acquisition programme.

The concept design has been aligned to design paradigms identified by the Royal Navy as fundamental to its future fleet vision. These include an open architecture to enable a system of systems approach; a digital backbone to ensure secure connectivity and resilient data access and exchange; sufficient space, weight and power to enable modularity and autonomy; the integration of crewed and uncrewed systems; the ability to incorporate new technologies more frequently and at higher refresh rates; and a power, propulsion system and energy storage architecture aligned to net-zero targets.

Taking into account likely operating profiles, future combat system power demands, and the drive to reduce emissions in line with net-zero targets, the Adaptable Strike Frigate has been designed around innovative and ‘eco-friendly’ hybrid/full-electric propulsion options improved fuel efficiency, lower emissions, and more efficient power/energy management.

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