NYK Line announces ‘long-term’ biofuels trial

by | 29th December 2023 | Industry News, The Naval Architect - News

Home News NYK Line announces ‘long-term’ biofuels trial

NYK Line is expanding earlier biofuel testing, such as the 2021 trial onboard Frontier Jacaranda

Japanese shipowner NYK Line has announced it will commence full-scale trials exploring the long-term use of biofuels during its 2024 financial year, following the short-term trials it has been undertaking since 2019.

Between 2019 and 2023 the operator has successfully conducted test voyages using biofuels on seven oceangoing vessels, mainly bulk carriers and two tugboats. One notable success earlier this year was when NYK supplied biodiesel to the wood-chip carrier Daio Austral at Kinuura port, the first such bunkering operation in Japan.

With the new trials NYK says it will comprehensively verify the safety and stable procurement of biofuels when used over a long period. This will allow the company to establish a safe navigation system using biofuels and promote biofuel development. Beginning with the continuous use of biofuel across multiple vessel types over three months, biofuel usage will then be extended over a longer period for further verification.

The news comes following the NYK Group’s announcement in November 2023 that it is now targeting a 45% reduction in the corporation’s overall GHG reductions by 2030.

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