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Most naval architects, boatbuilders, institutions and engineers will tell you about the pressing need to attract new blood into the maritime industry – but we rarely get to hear from the ‘new blood’ themselves.

To address this, Ship & Boat International is considering handing over content to students for one special issue in 2024, so that they can have their say and let the small-to-medium-sized boat sector know what they’re up to.

If you’re currently studying naval architecture, or interning with a vessel design firm, specialising in vessels sized less then 100m loa, we’d like to hear from you. We’d like you to tell us about:

  • Any vessel designs or projects you are working on
  • Any design contests you have entered, and details of your design
  • Your thoughts and opinions on current and future trends in vessel design
  • The technologies you believe will help to shape future vessel design
  • Your thoughts on the ‘skills shortage’ – what barriers are in the way when it comes to pursuing naval architecture as a career? And how can the industry do more to remove them?

The vessels we focus on are sized between 5-100m. At the moment, we are gauging interest to see if this special issue is feasible – so, if you’re interested, please email with proposals for stories or features. Your submissions may be reviewed by our technical team for accuracy and edited to meet house style, but we would coordinate this with you along the way.

If we receive enough interest, we will proceed to arrange an issue for the received content – and pass the soapbox over to you.


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