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Yamarin 59 BR

The Yamarin 59 BR features a specially developed windshield to protect the aft from wind and spray

Yamarin 59 Bow Rider keeps it running in the family

Featuring a hull designed exclusively for propulsion by Yamaha outboards, the Yamarin 59 Bow Rider boasts multiple features to enhance recreation, safety and security

Unleashed in time for the 2023 boating season, Yamarin’s new 59 Bow Rider (BR) class is being offered as “a cruising and recreational boat for couples and families,” the Finnish powerboat builder explains. Matching a relatively wide beam of 2.25m to an overall length of 5.95m, stability was as much of a consideration for the boat type as its amount of engine kick – which the Yamarin 59 BR certainly has, in spades.

This latter fact may be unsurprising given the builder’s history. The Yamarin brand evolved from a company that originally imported Yamaha engines into Finland from Japan, before producing its own boats in partnership with Yamaha from 1972 onwards – a background that has given the builder an intimate knowledge of how these engines perform in various settings.

As with all of the vessels built by Yamarin, this new model’s hull and deck have been constructed in fibreglass. Johan Finnberg, Yamarin marketing manager, tells Ship & Boat International: “The entire floor and all walkways are covered by stylish Soft-Deck material for safety and comfort.” Perhaps more commonly associated with the patrol boat sector, Soft-Deck manufactures shock-absorbing, non-slip decking to protect the joints of persons on board – a key consideration for high-speed vessels, which are prone to slamming. To further reduce the risk of slips and trips, the boat’s walkways have been kept as clutter-free as possible, both in the bow and at the stern, and the bow features handrails and a wide step for easy boarding.

The boat’s windshield extends from the fore to cover both sides, and is designed to shield passengers on the rear sofa from wind and splashes. The windshield’s height was optimised via flow calculations and software simulations, and then verified in an at-sea trial aboard a prototype boat. On rainy days, or when the sun is blazing, a high aft canvas can be deployed to protect the aft passenger area and/or the cockpit area. In terms of overall deck length, Finnberg estimates a distance of about 3.6m from the consoles back towards the aft. The aft deck also features 550mm swimming/bathing platforms (which could also be purposed as casting spots for anglers) which stick out on both sides of the outboard.

The Yamarin 59 BR can be fitted with any Yamaha outboard rated 80–115hp (approx. 60-86kW). “The largest option is the Yamaha F115, which can achieve a maximum speed of around 37knots,” Finnberg says. He reckons the most economical speed range to be around 19-24knots for the Yamaha F115LB: a range within which fuel consumption would be limited to 0.7litres per nautical mile.

The new boat comes with Yamarin’s Q smart display, incorporating Navionics electronic navigation charts as well as a radio. One interesting feature is the Q Guard anti-theft alarm. Personal watercraft are still the boat types most frequently targeted by thieves in the US, while an estimated 10,000 boats are stolen in Europe each year – not counting break-ins to steal equipment and belongings. Q Guard is designed to send notifications on all alarms immediately to the owner’s phone, while its geofencing capability maintains a track on the boat’s location, notifying the owner if the boat moves “over 50m from where it was parked”, says Finnberg.

The Q Guard can also be linked to the Yamaha Y-COP immobiliser, which makes it impossible for thieves to take off. Finnberg adds: “You will get an alarm to your phone straightaway in case the cables to the engine are cut and someone tries to steal the engine.” As well as alerting the owner to criminal activity, Q Guard can be used to alert the user should the boat’s battery fun flat or the onboard bilge alarm sound.


Yamarin 59 BR

Length: oa 5.95m
Breadth: 2.25m
Weight: 825kg
Engine power range: 80-115hp
Max speed: 37knots
Seating: 6 persons
Fuel tank capacity: 110litres

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