New size options for Unique survey drones

by | 25th January 2024 | Industry News, Ship & Boat International - News

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The 1.7m Uni-Mini (left) and 5m Uni-Max have been engineered to survey shallow waters and remote waters respectively

Offshore and subsea tech developer Unique Group is preparing to launch two new uncrewed surface vessel (USV) types, the Uni-Mini and Uni-Max. Both models have been engineered for surveying operations, and tailored to meet “diverse optional needs across challenging environments”, the group says.

Built in carbon fibre, the Uni-Mini measures a compact 1.68m x 0.8m and weighs 65kg, making it suitable for shallow-water surveys. This model is designed to be operated by two people, and runs on 5,000Wh of electric power – sufficient for a speed of 3-5knots and an operational charge of about four hours. The unit can be controlled remotely over Wi-Fi within a distance of 2km, and has the ability to “integrate seamlessly with a wide range of transducers and GPS systems”, Unique Group says.

Meanwhile, the 5m x 2.2m Uni-Max incorporates a hybrid power system, integrating twin Torqeedo Cruise 6.0RS engines with a 300litre diesel tank and solar PV cells – attributes that make this unit better suited to prolonged missions in remote waters. The Uni-Max matches a pair of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) hulls to a marine-grade aluminum deck, weighing in at 1,200kg overall, and is capable of speeds of 6-8knots. The Uni-Max can be controlled over wireless mesh radio at a distance of 5-8km.

Sahil Gandhi, CEO of Unique Group, comments: “These vessels prioritise compactness, ease of use and outstanding performance, reinforcing our dedication to offering solutions that enhance operational efficiency for our customers.” He adds that the Uni-Mini has already been adopted on projects in the Middle East, where it was primarily used to conduct shallow-water bathymetric surveying.

The new units join Unique Group’s existing 3m x 1.6m Uni-Pact catamaran USV, which was originally developed and launched to assist larger survey vessels in accessing hard-to-reach waters.

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