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Vripack Meteor

Naval architecture firm Vripack and boatbuilder Van der Valk Shipyard have devised a conceptual design for the fast weekender market, monikered the Meteor. The first example of this concept has already been snapped up by an anonymous client. Yoeri Bijker, head of sales and marketing at Van der Valk, says: “There is an ongoing trend for trawler/explorer/expedition vessels that are self- sufficient for a number of weeks. But we are seeing more requests for quite large – 24m+ –  day boats and weekenders: relatively large boats with minimal crew.”


While the all-aluminium Meteor would meet the current demand for motor yachts capable of venturing far beyond the marina, Vripack and Van der Valk were keen to create a boat that looks good as well as being functional. The partners admit to having borrowed a few design details from the luxury car sector, which suggest that this particular beast may appeal as much to speed freaks as to lounge lizards. One example of this is the way in which the Meteor has minimised the traditional aft deck layout in favour of a stern design inspired by the sports car world. Similarly, two electrically controlled, 3m glass sliding roofs enable the owner and guests to adjust the levels of sunshine and shade to their liking in both the transom area and the bridge area of the foredeck lounge.


The boat’s two large side windows were designed to create “an ‘inside=outside’ effect”, Bram Kooltjes, Van der Valk general manager, tells Ship & Boat International, adding: “The superstructure basically has a 360° glazing effect, which contributes to this effect as much as possible.” When the Meteor’s sides are opened, the transom serves as a swim platform – and, combined with the interior space, creates a sizeable beach club or winter garden. “The complete transom is basically the full platform – about 6m-wide and 2m-long, providing 12m2 of platform space,” says Kooltjes. He adds: “In this concept phase, the layout provides space for four persons to sleep, in two king-size beds – though a different layout could accommodate more persons…this is up to the client to decide.”


The Meteor measures 25m x 7.45m and features a draught of 1.5m and a displacement of 77tonnes. The boat combines triple Rolls-Royce MTU diesel engines feeding a Kamewa waterjet. Expanding on the three main configurations available, Kooltjes says: “The client can pick from: three V12 engines, rated 1,491kW each, for speeds up to 41knots; two 1,491kW V12 engines plus a 1,939kW V16 centre booster engine, for speeds up to 45knots; or three 1,939kW V16 engines, to take the speed up to 51knots.”


Vripack and Van der Valk say they anticipate an onboard diesel fuel capacity of 8,500litres, which would grant the yacht a range of 300nm at 40knots with the triple V12 engine set-up. There will also be a future option to add retractable foils to the vessel.




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