Greensea Systems’ drone tech passes beach UXO test

by | 13th July 2023 | Ship & Boat International - News, Technology

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Beach comber: the Bayonet 250 AUGV

Beach comber: the Bayonet 250 AUGV

Unexploded ordnance (UXO) isn’t just a problem at deepwater offshore sites: bombs, shells, grenades, landmines and other undetonated munitions can also be present within the surf zone, posing a major safety risk to swimmers, surfers and other beach users. Should buried UXO become disturbed or moved, the result can be severe burns, lacerations, amputations and/or death for anyone caught within several metres of the blast.

Consequently, the idea of using uncrewed, drone solutions to detect and remove UXO from the surf zone is gaining traction. Recently, US robotic solutions developer Greensea Systems found out for itself, undertaking a mission to remove buried munitions in the surf zone.

The eight-day initiative saw the group deploy its Bayonet 250 autonomous underwater ground vehicle (AUGV) at an undisclosed location, covering an area of 18km2 in the face of 1.2-1.8m-high waves. The AUGV incorporated a towed sensor sled, equipped with White River Technology’s (WRT’s) marine APEX technology,  which is designed to identify targets based on burial depth and sound signature. “The rapid integration of the sensor sled facilitated the detection and classification of objects with a buried depth of up to 3m, based on material composition,” Greensea states.

Launched last year, the Bayonet 250 measures 1.2m x 1.3m and has the deck capacity for 113kg. The bot is powered by two Li-on batteries, rated 2kWh apiece, and has a range of 6nm at a speed of 0.5m/second.

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