ABP pilot boat replacement scheme gains pace

by | 11th December 2023 | News, Ship & Boat International - News

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'Trent' is the second of five custom ORC 171 variants built for ABP Humber (image: David Lee Photography)

ABP Humber reports that it has taken delivery of its second new pilot vessel from UK boatbuilder Goodchild Marine Services. Christened Trent, the newcomer follows the 2021 handover of the first-in-class Ouse, which has been based on Goodchild’s 17.6m x 5.4m and 28knots-capable ORC 171 fast pilot boat class.

ABP Humber tells Ship & Boat International: “We made some adjustments to the ORC 171 spec. Trent has a slightly different wheelhouse layout: our marine team included a pilot planning position, creating an additional pilot/passenger seat.” Instead of carrying seven pilots, which is typical of the ORC 171, this customised design is arranged for eight pilots and two members of crew. One prominent feature is the ORC 171’s wave-piercing ‘beak’ bow, which has been designed to reduce slamming, vertical acceleration and crew/pilot fatigue while limiting drag and fuel consumption.

In 2020, ABP placed a £9 million (US$11.3 million) order with Goodchild for nine boats in total, as part of a pilot boat replacement programme. All nine newcomers have been designed by French naval architect Pantocarene. To date, three newbuilds (Majestic, Mary Rose and Mayflower) have been delivered to the ABP Southampton branch, and one (Terra Nova) to ABP Barry in Wales. The remaining three newbuilds for ABP Humber will be delivered by 2025, ABP confirms.

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