To the VICTA the spoils: high-speed craft can also operate whilst submerged

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Home News To the VICTA the spoils: high-speed craft can also operate whilst submerged

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BAR Technologies draws on the combined experience of a team of naval architects and experts in related disciplines. It is working with SubSea Craft on an innovative craft, the VICTA Diver Delivery Unit (VICTA DDU), that combines the attributes of a high-speed, long-range vessel that is also able to submerge and facilitate the delivery and recovery of divers.


BAR Technologies played an integral role in  the design of the VICTA hull and system controls, and says the vessel is making good progress during the build phase with BAR Technologies also playing an important role in that process. Currently, SubSea Craft expects to test and trial the VICTA from September 2020 onwards.


The VICTA DDU was unveiled for the first time at the Defence and Security Equipment International exhibition in 2019. The latest iteration of the hull, constructed from carbon fibre and Diab core, is now at the company’s headquarters and design and engineering centre in Havant in the UK for fitting-out in preparation for full sea trials. “This final-stage prototype will form the basis for subsequent production models and SubSea Craft is keen to explore with potential clients the capabilities that VICTA might bring to their operational portfolio,” the company said.


The diver delivery unit is designed to be reach high speeds on the surface with 250 nm endurance. With a length overall of 11.95m and breadth of 2.3m if it capable of delivering eight operators and their equipment to their objective ‘mission-ready’ before recovering them. Designed and optimised by BAR Technologies, the hull is capable of achieving a surfaced planing speed of in excess of 40knots and a cruise speed of 30knots. Full CFD simulations for both surfaced and sub-surface running ensure a dynamically stable craft with a maximum submerged speed of 8knots.

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