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Ship & Boat International: eNews July/August 2017



Described as the ‘flagship’ of the Pirelli-branded RIB range, the forthcoming Pirelli 1900 model would appear to be an attempt to add a touch of superyacht design flair to the ‘rough and tumble’ capabilities of the average recreational RIB.


Previewed in Monte Carlo in late May, in advance of its anticipated formal launch at the Cannes Boat Show this September, the 1900 was designed by Mannerfelt Design Team (with AM Architettura handling the interior) and developed by craft designer Tecnorib, which has been designing and manufacturing boats bearing the Pirelli mark since 2005.


The end result is an 18.5m x 5m, 3.7m-high RIB with a displacement of 16tonnes, which features a resin-infused hull and a pure carbon hardtop to protect the cockpit. The boat is powered by a pair of MAN i6 engines, rated 597kW apiece, granting her a cruising speed of 30knots and a top speed of approximately 45knots – although, Tecnorib stresses, the Pirelli 1900 has not been designed so much for racing as for cruising in comfort.


Although compact and sleek, the 1900 has been designed to feature a wide sunbathing area at the bow, permitting yacht-style relaxation for owner and guests. The boat is also capable of storing up to 2,000litres of fuel, 600litres of potable water and 80litres of waste water.


Aesthetic considerations range from a sloping windscreen to newly designed inflatable tubes, the latter of which will feature the tread pattern of Pirelli’s wet tyre, as used by the brand in track races. The RIB is available fitted with two cabins – an owner’s cabin at the bow and a guest’s cabin at the stern – although a third cabin, dedicated for the crew, can be installed at the stern, on the starboard side. Alternatively, this latter space can be utilised as a storage compartment.




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