Biofuel power for New Zealand trawler

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Ship & Boat International: November/December 2016

EndeavourWesbiteLyttelton, New Zealand-based construction and repair specialist Stark Bros has handed over a new steel fishing trawler to Ocean Fisheries Ltd, for utilisation in the country’s inshore fishing industry, covering water depths ranging from 10m to approximately 500m. According to Stark Bros, the vessel represents “at least the 43rd commercial boat longer than 10m” to have left its building shed, although repair work remains the group’s predominant source of business. 


Named Endeavour, the trawler features a length of 17.2m overall, a 6m beam and a displacement of 125tonnes, and has been designed to draw 3.2m. Built to accommodate a three-man crew, Endeavour has been fitted with a 53m³-capacity fish hold, complete with Glycol cold wall refrigeration panels and a saltwater icemaker with a production rate of 2tonnes every 24 hours.


The fishing trawler also has the capacity to carry up to 8,520litres of fuel, 3,650litres of water and 500litres of lube oil.


As an environmentally friendly bonus, the vessel is to run on biodiesel, supplied, wharf-side, by local company Green Fuels NZ. This company’s Biogold-branded product is made from 100% recycled vegetable oil. Green Fuels NZ claims that, for every tonne of used cooking oil used to produce Biogold, there is a corresponding 2tonne reduction in CO₂ emissions. The product can also reduce particulate emissions by up to 50% compared to conventional diesels. Stark Bros claims to have been so impressed by Biogold that it acquired a stake in Green Fuels NZ in 2013.


Power is provided by a Scania DI13 071M engine, rated 294kW at 1,800rpm, driving a Hundested Marine Gear CPG-32 gearbox with 9.05:1 reduction and a Hundested 1,800mm-diameter, four-bladed variable-pitch propeller.


Speaking during the delivery ceremony, Andrew Stark, CEO, noted that a policy of “constantly questioning and seeking better results” has led to Endeavour boasting a free running speed of 10knots and a bollard pull (bp) of 8tonnes – representing increases of 10% and 25%, respectively, compared to Stark Bros’ last newbuild, Legacy, which was launched in 2012.


Endeavour is also fitted with a pair of computer-controlled split hydraulic winches, featuring auto-scrolling capability and 1,800m of 14mm wire apiece.

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