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SeaRobotics Corp. has unveiled a semi-autonomous workboat type, designed to enable both manned and unmanned coastal and offshore research operations. Dubbed the SR-Endurance 7.0, the boat is constructed from aluminium, measures 7m x 2m, weighs 2.5tonnes and features a draught of 4m.


The unit incorporates a hybrid propulsive set-up, enabling users to switch between electric propulsive mode, for low-noise operations, and diesel generator mode, which also recharges the vessel’s lithium-ion batteries. According to the manufacturer, the vessel can operate for up to 10 hours between each automatic recharge.The workboat can store approximately 378litres of diesel fuel and travel at up to 10knots. When operating at 5knots, it has an estimated range of 72 hours, SeaRobotics reports.


The SR-Endurance 7.0 can be controlled remotely or assigned one of three different ‘autonomy levels’ – namely ‘basic’, ‘mature’ and ‘advanced’, the amount of human oversight decreasing with each level. The boat is fitted with an automated A-frame boom type launch and recovery system, which can be used to deploy “small ROVs”, SeaRobotics says: the manufacturer cites Saab’s 1m x 0.6m, 60kg Seaeye Falcon ROV as a suitably sized vehicle.


A hull-mounted, 6" (152mm) pipe flange enables the boat to convey sonar systems. Other features include AIS functionality, a Simrad 4G radar and satcom connectivity courtesy of Iridium.




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