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METEOROLOGY ‘How Modern Weather Forecasting Works’

The Talk

The Standards of Training Certification and Watch-keeping (STCW) Convention requires a focus on understanding synoptic charts, without necessarily understanding how the forecast is actually created. Weather forecasting techniques have advanced a lot in recent years and a deeper understanding will help mariners make better use of what is on offer.

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Andrew Eccleston commenced his career as a cadet with Denholm Ship Management in 1970. Following time served at sea he undertook a BSc in Nautical Studies followed by a doctorate in Meteorology at the Plymouth School of Maritime Studies.He was employed by the UK Met Office for four years before starting his own private-sector weather business in 1984.In 2000 following the acquisition of his business by a US-based corporation he was employed as a lecturer at the University of Plymouth. He retired in 2013 but maintains his interests in meteorology and sailing. He undertakes work for the Royal Meteorological Society and PRIMET, a pan-European Trade Association for meteorological service providers.

METEOROLOGY ‘How Modern Weather Forecasting Works’


18th January, 2024    
19:15 - 21:00


City College Oceansgate
Units 6-12 Discovery Court, Vivid Approach, Plymouth, PL1 4RW

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