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Contract Management for Ship Construction, Repair & Design 2023

A Live, Interactive Presentation

By Dr. Kenneth W. Fisher, FRINA


  • Contract Management and Mis-Management – multiple case studies and lessons learned.
  • Contract Performance Documentation – basic work, change work, extra work and re-work.
  • Practical Implementation of Principles of Contract Management in the marine industry.
  • Change Orders (CO) – advance establishment of approval procedures and time constraints, identifying constructive, negotiated, unilateral and other CO’s, identifying the down-side risks of CO’s.
  • Critical Path – ‘Real-time’ identification of changes, slippages and re-scheduling.
  • Delay, Disruption and Acceleration – ‘Real-time’ identification and quantification of the direct and secondary cases and effects.
  • Monitoring and reporting production work.
  • Engineering/Drawings – defining the types, schedules and responsibilities.
  • Owner-Furnished Materials – and information: definitions, forms and schedules.

Course Leader

Dr. Kenneth W. Fisher FRINA is recognised worldwide as the leading authority on the development and management of complex contracts and specifications for ship construction, conversion, repair, and design. He is author of the 2004 RINA publication, Shipbuilding Specifications: Best Practices Guidelines, and of the 2003 SNAME publication, Shipbuilding Contracts and Specifications. As an arbitrator, expert witness, consultant, and instructor for nearly 35 years, he brings clarity and organisation to an otherwise-complex set of management requirements unique to the maritime industry.

Course Presentation

This 4-day course consists of 2.5-hour Zoom sessions per day.  Before the course begins, participants will receive a PDF of the course notebook (which we advise to be printed), and a hard copy of course leader Kenneth Fisher’s recent book, ‘Shipyard Projects: Planning and Management – Insights, Lessons & Guidance’.  The book provides examples of the subjects discussed during the Zoom presentations. These sessions also include time for Q&As each day, and a 10 minute break half-way through.

  • Hourly Rates and Overtime – agreeing in advance to whom they apply and who pays for it under different circumstances.
  • Post-Delivery Negotiations – of unpriced change orders: documenting the work.
  • Claim Avoidance – through structured communications and documentation.


14th March, 2023 - 17th March, 2023    
13:00 - 15:30

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