The Eily Keary maritime diversity Award

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The Eily Keary Award recognises the contribution by any individual, company or organisation to increasing equality, diversity and inclusion in their sector of the maritime industry, in association with BP.

About the award

RINA was founded in 1860, but it was not until 1919 that the first woman was admitted as a member. Today, female members occupy a wide range of roles in the maritime industry, academia and organisations worldwide, in both engineering and non-engineering roles. Their number and achievements continue to grow. 

The first woman to become a member of RINA was Eily Keary. The Eily Keary Award commemorates this significant event in RINA’s history. 

The Institution is committed to ensuring that all individuals, regardless of gender, faith or ethnicity, have equal opportunity to participate fully in the Institution’s activities. RINA also seeks to encourage such equality of opportunity and involvement throughout the global maritime industry. 

Eily Keary Award


Nominations should describe the contribution made by the individual towards enhancing equality, diversity and inclusion in the maritime sector, in line with the Eily Keary Award criteria. 

Nominations are judged by a panel of RINA members and BP.  Individuals may not nominate themselves, although employees may nominate their company or organisation. 

Nominations may be up to 750 words and should describe the significant contribution made towards enhancing equality, diversity and inclusion in the maritime sector.

Nominations should be made by completing the form below or by emailing 

Deadline for submissions to be considered for 2024 is the 31st January 2024