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Did you know RINA has close connections with many of the world’s leading maritime organisations and professional societies?

Uniquely among naval architect societies, RINA is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) with Consultative Status at the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the agency of the United Nations responsible for regulating commercial shipping.

Our Consultative Status allows us to ensure the views of the naval architect community aren’t ignored at a time of huge change for the industry, helping to shape key legislative instruments in matters concerning maritime safety and environmental protection.

RINA invites any organisation representing naval architects, and that wants its thoughts to be heard at the IMO, to become members of RINA’s IMO Naval Architectural Group. Through this informal group, which is closely aligned to RINA’s IMO Committee, we aim to represent the consensus view.

ABL engineers on a ship visit. Source: ABL Longitude Engineering

Members of these professional institutions enjoy a number of mutual benefits:

  • Reduced rates for all conferences, seminars, workshops, training courses and other events.
  • Reduced rates for all publications.
  • Applications for membership need only be certified by a senior officer of the individual’s national institution (other requirements for membership must be met – details from RINA’s Professional Affairs Department).
  • No transfer or election fee.
  • Reciprocal Recognition of Membership (*).

Those wishing to take advantage of these benefits should quote their national institution and membership number when registering for conferences, ordering publications, etc. By the terms of these Agreements of Co-operation, copies of each institution’s technical publications are exchanged, and details of events published in journals, on websites, etc.
Further details of specific Agreements may be obtained from

Confederation of European Maritime Technology Societies

RINA is a founder member and member of the Council of the Confederation of European Maritime Technology Societies (CEMT).

CEMT is a federation of most of the leading professional societies of naval architects and marine engineers in Europe. Its object and purpose is to promote the scientific development of maritime technology in all its European branches, by facilitating the exchange of ideas and information between the members of the constituent societies.

Mr Trevor Blakeley, a former Chief Executive of RINA, is CEMT’s current Chairman.

International Organization for Standardization

RINA is a Category A Liaison Member of the International Organization for Standardization’s Technical Committee 8 (Ship & Marine Technology) and Technical Committee 188 (Small Craft).

International Maritime Organisation

RINA is a Non-Governmental Organisation in Consultative Status with the International Maritime Organization (IMO). We consider that we hold our Consultative Status on behalf of the international naval architecture profession.

We therefore invite any organisation representing members of the global naval architecture profession, and who would wish their views to be represented at the IMO, to become members of RINA’s IMO Naval Architectural Group. Through this informal group, we represent the consensus view of these organisations.

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